LLC «Kaskad» company had been created on the 23-th of November 1995 as an enterprise with collective property, private capital based and having status of limited liability company.

Within period from the moment of creation to April 2001 the main line of action of the enterprise was purchasing, processing and selling of secondary ferrous metal scrap.

On April 2001 «Kaskad» company enters the fast developing market of the rolled metal trade. At present it has firmly taken one of the leading places at the rolled metal market at Pridneprovsky region and over the whole Ukraine. «Kaskad» company positions itself as the service metal center providing with widest range of services on the metal and rolled metal processing.


The workshop for metal structures production, completed with the modern high-technology equipment made both domestic and foreign producers, had been created at the enterprise on the 1-st of November 2003. From the beginning of the workshop manufacturing activity the enterprise staff set itself a task of meeting all the customers demands at the earliest possible date with the highest quality level.

Nowadays “Kaskad” is one of the leading player at the metal trading market. Our enterprise owned warehouses of finished production are equipped with automobile and railway approach roads, crane and weighing facilities, that allows to accurately fulfill deliveries of diverse complexity within the established deadlines. More than 350 various items of rolled metal and pipes are simultaneously located at the enterprise warehouses.

For more complete satisfaction of the customer demand «Kaskad» company render delivery, cutting and storage services of metal products.

Main office of «Kaskad» company is located in Dnipro city.

Сервисный металлоцентр «Каскад»

«Kaskad» service metal center is one of the biggest in the Pridneprovsky region. During the period of our presence at the metal trading market and having executed primary metal working the close business relations have been established with all the large-scale metallurgical, steel rolling, pipe plants and integrated works. At present our enterprise has quite wide variety of customers such as both private persons purchasing small consignments of rolled metal (from one kilogram) and big wholesale construction and manufacturing companies of Ukraine and foreign countries.

Putting into operation the service metal center was caused with a number of new trends appeared at the rolled metal market. New informative technologies have come into everyday life of the common buyers; the awareness of final buyers in matters of conditions, delivery terms, capabilities of cutting and primary metal working, which they would get with the purchase of various rolled metal, has been immeasurably raised. And all above mentioned customer preferences have been put into practice in «Kaskad» Service metal center.

Wide variety of the rolled metal products, prompt shipping, trained personnel, high equipment capability of the enterprise and convenient geographic location are the ingredients for success of «Kaskad» Service metal center.

The widest variety of the rolled metal allows to satisfy any order of buyer.

Any customer is able to more effectively use its transport vehicle due to prompt shipping of our products.

The trained personnel renders advisory and practical services intended to meet the individual needs of each buyer.

High equipment capability of the enterprise shortens the processing chain for customer, relieves from the purchasing of expensive equipment and at the same time allows to match as close as possible to required geometrics of metal goods on request.

Convenient location of the Service metal center eliminates any troubles to find us by both customers living in Dnipro town and buyers of another town.

The Service metal center of «Kaskad» company is the only true way to the stable civilized market of the rolled metal!


At the enterprise the workshop for metal structures production had been created and started working on the 1-st of November 2003. Putting into operation of the brand new workshop built using recent resource-saving technologies, purchasing and installation of the high-performance equipment of both domestic and foreign producers, efficient logistics, trained personnel are all the components helped our enterprise to take one of the leading places at the metal structures manufacturing market and execute orders of Ukrainian and foreign customers. From the beginning of the workshop manufacturing activity the enterprise staff set itself a task of meeting all the customers demands at the earliest possible date with the highest quality level.

As opposed to a great number of metal structures manufacturers our company tries to find the individual approach to each customer. We don’t enforce some standard to our customers. We aspire to create a new construction on the grounds of customer feedback, operational conditions and safety requirements.

Effective control of production flows

Location of the workshop and manufacturing equipment enables to effectively control of the production flows during the whole technologic cycle. A metal coming into the manufacturing workshop is subjected to preliminary cleaning. The preproduction section is equipped with band saw machines, which are able to cut workpieces up to 360 millimeters. The program-controlled gas-cutting machine, providing high-precision shaped cutting of the sheet components with thickness up to 250 millimeters, is located at this section as well. In the workshop there are rolling press and guillotine shears for cutting of sheet with length from 2 up to 4 meters and thickness from 1 up to 40 millimeters. The machining sections are fitted out with modern drilling, milling and turning lathes which completely meets to manufacturing requirements.

The whole manufacturing workshop territory is served with bridge cranes with hoisting capacity from 10 up to 20 tons.

Carbon dioxide shielded welding of various metal goods is performed using automatic and semiautomatic welding equipment, that enables to produce structures of high quality and precision.

In order to ensure anticorrosive protection quality required by client the structural components are subjected to priming and painting. In the course of manufacturing each component is subjected to tightened inspection by QCD.

Finished goods delivery is realized by means of automobile transport.

At the moment our enterprise has gathered quite serious experience in manufacturing field that allows us with no hesitation to make us known as a serious and competitive producer of the metal structures of various complexity.



Own design engineering department and manufacturing workshop with modern industrial equipment allow our company to produce the widest range of the industrial, construction and residential metal structures. Below you can see not a complete list of products made in our manufacturing workshop

Construction metal structures:

  • frameworks for quickly erected buildings (made of hot-rolled and welded components for coarse of objects with span above 24 m; made of cold formed profile for objects with span up to 24 m);
  • container-type and modular buildings (pavilions, vendor kiosks);
  • cases of trade, residential and administration buildings, storing premises; separate components of the metal structures (columns, truss girders, tie elements, cross-beams etc.).

Industrial metal structures:

  • cases of workshops, manufacturing warehouses;
  • framework metal structures of industrial machines and units of manufacturing and residential outbuildings
    crane supporting and crane structures (load-carrying columns, girders, trusses, intermediate structures etc.);
  • containers;
  • bunkers;
  • trestles;
  • horizontal and vertical reservoirs with the volume up to 100 sq.m;
  • aspiration systems and smoke flues.

One of the line of LLC «Kaskad» wide manufacturing activity is the metalware production, in particular, of wire VR 1. Approved working of own rolled metal workshop, modern equipment, implementation of the strict control of incoming material and released production allow us to guarantee the respective quality of finished production. Various manufacturing activities of «Kaskad» along with rolled metal sales activity makes the company one of the leader in the rolled metal branch into Dnepropetrovsk region and over the whole Ukraine. The company positions itself as service metal center that is able to render diverse services on the metal delivery, selling and processing.

LLC «Kaskad» fabricates the round and profiled pipes from cold-rolled and hot-rolled metal by using the high-technology tube mill manufactured by one of the leading European producer. Pipe length may be varied according to customer`s requests.

Our equipment for slitting and shearing successfully copes with hot-rolled, cold-rolled and coated rolled metal of various steel grades…

Advantages of slitting and shearing using the LLC «Kaskad» equipment:

  • high-performance lines of slitting and shearing;
  • high-precision multiroll sheet-straightener machines which every slitting and shearing line is equipped with;
  • coiled steel shearing thickness from 0.3 mm up to 3 mm, coiled steel slitting thickness from 0.5 mm up to 6 mm;
  • efficient material utilization;
  • random length of plate stocks;
  • protective package in accordance with customer`s requirements

LLC «Kaskad» make cutting operation of the rolled metal using guillotine shears for cutting of sheet with length from 2 up to 4 meters and thickness from 1 up to 40 millimeters

LLC «Kaskad» make bending of sheet with thickness up to 8 mm and length up to 3000 mm

Modern high-performance slitting line of European producer allows solve the most complex problems of skelp production with following parameters: strip width from 30мм, rolled metal thickness from 0,5 mm up to 6 mm. Skelp manufacturing is made of high quality hot-rolled, cold-rolled and galvanized steel of foreign origin.

LLC «Kaskad» is specialized on manufacturing of the industrial, construction and residential metal structures of any degree of complexity, such as supports, girders, trusses, trestles, hangars, framework structures etc. LLC «Kaskad» may deliver products for its customers with its own transport in any region of Ukraine as well.

LLC «Kaskad» company makes products of thickness up to 20 mm by means of plasma-arc cutting on the numerical control machine.